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Are you someone who finds themselves connected to the world through nature?  Does being outside allow you to be more in-tune with yourself?  Do you just wish that you could get out of the four walls of your day to day existence once in a while?  Nature has a way of taking away our barriers to openness and insight.  That is why I am pleased to offer wilderness therapy (also known as eco-therapy) through my practice.  This can be as simple as the traditional therapy session held outdoors, to a more direct utilization of the resources that nature has to offer.  If sitting on a couch and having a relative stranger stare at you isn’t your ideal motivation to be vulnerable, something as simple as walking with your therapist on a nature path can be tremendously helpful to opening up in the ways that you need. 


As a therapist, I find that connection to the natural world is a vital part of our humanness.  And while the need to directly connect to nature may vary from person to person, having some sort of understanding of how one fits in the natural world is vital to one’s overall wellness.  Be sure to ask about this service in your session.  Together, we can evaluate how you may benefit from this exciting branch of therapy.

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