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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. Deciding to engage in counseling can come from a variety of influences. Whether you are seeking help with your stress, anxiety, depression, or just due to a lack of connection and direction in life, therapy can be a tremendous help in guiding you to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Likewise, selecting a specific counselor or therapist can be difficult. Finding the right match with a therapist is very important, and a process I take very seriously. I will do my best to make you feel comfortable, and to establish trust by offering a safe, confidential, and judgement free setting. However, if you find that task difficult with me, I will work diligently to connect you with a therapist that you will be more comfortable with. I do not take a request to change therapists personally, my greatest concern is to get you the help you need, even if that means only one meeting with me and a referral to another professional. Take that first step and ask for help, if there is someone who can better serve you or work in collaboration with myself to help you, I will not hesitate to make those arrangements. Your growth is the priority.

A little about me: Born and raised in Montana, I received my undergraduate degree from Carroll College. I attended graduate school at the University of San Diego where I received an MA in International Relations, then graduate school at Arizona State University where I received my Masters of Social Work in 2011 and Doctor of Behavioral Health in 2014. My specialties include EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, anger management, self-esteem, addiction, and co-dependency.

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